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What is Fleuroselect?

Fleuroselect is an industry group for the ornamental plants industry, established in 1970. It judges new varieties, and works to protect and popularize them. Varieties entered for judging are cultivated at over 30 test sites around Europe and evaluated for newness and marketability, and award winners are selected. Particularly outstanding varieties from among the award winners are awarded a Gold Medal, and they are displayed at over 50 public gardens in Europe, America, and Asia in order to increase awareness among amateur and commercial gardeners.

Fleuroselect awards

Year of award Award-winning variety
1982 F1 Carnation Scarlet Luminette
1983 F1 Petunia Red Picotee
1998 F1 Campanula Champion Blue
1998 F1 Campanula Champion Pink
1999 Zinnia Profusion Cherry
2001 Zinnia Profusion White
2002 F1 Pansy Morpho
2003 F1 Carnation Can Can Scarlet
2014 Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry

Campanula Champion Blue

Zinnia Profusion White

Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry

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